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Monday, October 31, 2016

Five point Bull Elk comes in silently on Video

Here is  a video of a 5 point elk I called in. It didn't do much bugling and was very quiet coming in but it came up to approximately 30 yards before turning around and walking off.

Enjoy the Video

Sunday, October 30, 2016

A Creepy Birthday

Today was my birthday and I spent most of the day relaxing but later in the evening we had to go shopping and decided to drop by some Halloween stores. I was able to capture some of the more interesting decorations for you to see.

N-scale train layout in Boise Idaho

This is a layout I came across inside a customer's home. I was able to capture it all on video. Enjoy the video

Friday, October 28, 2016

Bad Car Accident in Meridian

This evening  Ivan, Anna and I were heading to Eagle Island and we drove up on a bad accident near Linder and Chinden. I hope no one was hurt. Here is the video I took while we drove by the scene.

After passing the accident we drove to Eagle Island and played fetch with the dog. I hope you enjoy the video. #WhoIsBryguy1955

Saturday, October 22, 2016

How to check the oil in a 2007 Chevy Impala The Easy Way (TM)

Today my son Shaun and I had to check the oil in my car. It' been leaking for a while now and we only noticed it 2 weeks ago in a prior video.

Shaun and I show you how to check the oil in your 2007 Chevy Impala.

Enjoy the video.

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Friday, October 14, 2016

What is a black hole really?

If you haven't read my posts titled "What is the Sun?" and "What is Gravity?", please take a moment to read them as I will be building on the information I discussed earlier.

To recap what I have said in my prior posts, the sun is not a star and is not a stationary object at the center of our solar system. The sun is a large mass, not too much different to the mass that we stand on as we look at the sun. It is a much larger mass than the planet we live on but it is an object traveling through space just the same as our planet.

As I discussed in the previous posts, as an object(mass) passes through space, it bends space containing particles and other objects around it. This large mass that we know as the sun moves through space at a speed estimated to be greater than 70,000 KM per hour. It is also spinning on an axis just as our planet does. It is also aligned magnetically with the North pole at the front and the South pole at its back side, just like our own planet.
When a mass passes through space, it disrupts all space/particles around it and causes an equal and opposite affect on everything it comes into contact with. Light and heat caused by the friction generated by this disruption also bends and twists around the South Pole(The back side). This bending and twisting force is what we now refer to as Gravity or to be more precise, a "Gravitational Vortex".

As a mass passing through space disrupts these particles, including those photons that carry light are bent and twisted around the object and cannot be seen reflecting from the surface of the mass from the front. As I stated earlier, this phenomena can be witnessed near our own North Pole as you look up to the sky at night and see the colorful swirling affect of the "Northern Lights".

By the time these particles pass around the back side of an object or mass like the sun, the friction is so great it causes collisions between these particles. These collisions result in nuclear fusion causing elements to fuse together and/or nuclear fission causing these elements to split apart. It also causes any organic material to disintegrate in the fire that burns behind it.

Any object or mass that does not get fused or split apart will be thrown into its "Gravitational Vortex swirling" behind it in an orbital pattern that slowly moves away from the mass it is following.

Not only is there nuclear fusion and fission happening, various molecules bind together and form new masses that include organic material, thus creating life as we know it.

As we follow behind this large mass (a.k.a. the sun) through space, caught in its gravitational vortex, we can only see the fire that burns behind it. You can witness this same type of gravitational vortex as you observe a comet as it passes near enough for us to see it. You will see a fire burning behind it and debris swirling behind it in a gravitational vortex similar to the comet illustrated below.

If we were able to accelerate to approximately 1,000,000 KM per hour "AND" escape the gravitational vortex of the sun. We could then move around the front side of the sun and set our eyes on its North Pole.

We would witness the complete opposite affect. The surface of the sun would be completely invisible to us due to the photons carrying the light bending around it. Not only does this object passing through space bend the light around it, it also causes any light that could be reflected from the surface to be pulled into its gravitational vortex as well. This would make it completely invisible to our naked eyes.

All we would see is complete darkness surrounded by a glow of light similar to what we witness during a solar eclipse. This is what scientists have referred to as a black hole.

A black hole is not a hole in space. It is a large mass that is moving through space bending the light around it causing it to appear black.

I believe that we cannot do this at the current time given our current state of technological knowledge but we may be able to do it sometime in the future.

It is much easier to send satellites floating back into our solar system. This can be done with little or no effort once we allow it to escape our own gravitational vortex. You can basically stop all northerly motion and allow the other planets and objects to naturally pass by it. This is why we can send a satellite to Mars without much effort and fuel.

It would take enormous amount of fuel and/or significant nuclear reactions to enable us to accelerate beyond the speed our sun travels through the universe in order to see the front or North Pole of the sun.

You may ask then, "how do we prove this theory?". I believe this can be done as we analyse particles passing through the Hadron Collider at Cern. Though it is difficult to measure given the small size of the particles studied but I believe it can be done.

The force of the gravitational vortex created by an object passing through space will be directly proportional to 3 factors.

These 3 factors are listed below:

  • The Mass or physical size of the object
  • The speed it is traveling through space 
  • The speed of its rotation on its axis

The greater the mass or speed a mass has while passing through space, the greater the gravitational vortex created by the object. Thus we can conclude the gravitational vortex behind the planet we call home is much smaller due to the smaller size of mass in direct comparison to that of the sun.

We are traveling at "nearly" the same speed as the planet we call the sun at the front of our solar system so our gravitational vortex is much less powerful due to the smaller size of our planet.

Yes, I said "nearly". This force weakens over distance from the object creating the vortex and as time passes all the objects caught in the gravitational vortex of another object weakens over time.

The force exerted by a gravitational vortex of one mass to another is indirectly proportional to the distance an object is from the object generating the force.

The closer an object is to our sun, the stronger the gravitational force that is is applied to the object. Thus Mercury is held in orbit around the vortex much stronger than Earth or Mars. Inversely the further a mass or object is from the mass generating the vortex is much weaker. This means that the gravitational force that is exerted on Pluto is very weak and Pluto is in danger of dropping out of orbit, possibly within our lifetime.

Eventually our planet will slowly move away from the sun and will one day break free from the gravitational vortex of the sun. It won't happen within our lifetime. We have other planets that are following us that are caught within the sun's vortex but one day Pluto will fall out of orbit of the vortex, followed by Neptune, Uranus, Saturn, Jupiter, etc...

Don't worry about that though. We will not see this occur for a very long time. It is possible that mankind as a species will become extinct before that happens. This will be due to the extreme cold temperatures that will occur as the distance grows between our planet and the burning debris behind the sun that provides light and heat for us to exist.

In conclusion I would like to say, the sun is not a star. It is a "LARGE" mass passing through space and burning up debris and fusing elements together and creating new elements and arranging these elements to create new planets. One day there will be a new planet between Mercury and the sun as Pluto falls out of orbit.

Again, I am not an astrophysicist or an expert in earth science. I am just an average person who thinks outside the box, so to speak.

Before I go, I want to say one more thing. Sometimes significant scientific advances are made by people considered ignorant on a given subject.

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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Covert Helicopter operations in Garden Valley

Saturday night my son Shaun and I went to Garden Valley to go camping and try to call some elk in for a video and get some photos of the moon and stars.

We believe we discovered an illegal mining operation and in fact someone flew a helicopter up at midnight and circled twice before going back down into the valley. It returned 15 minutes later. I think they may be trying to work this illegal mine during the night.

You can see the helicopter coming in on video approximately 10 minutes into the video as well as see the visible digging that is going on there. I contacted the Boise County Sheriff's office to have them look into the operation.

Enjoy the video.

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Thursday, October 6, 2016

What is the sun? It’s not what you think.

Today, I am going to challenge everything you thought you knew about the sun.
Most people including the majority of scientists believe that our sun is a star at the center of our Solar System.
Image courtesy of

According to Wikipedia the sun" is a nearly perfect sphere of hot plasma, with internal convective motion that generates a magnetic field via a dynamo process." Essentially it is a huge ball of fire that seems to perpetually burn.
I am not an astrophysicist, nor do I claim to be an expert on nuclear physics and/or pyrotechnics. I am just a freethinking individual that thinks outside the box so to speak.
There are different types of chemical reactions that can cause inorganic material to burn and I can assure you that these chemical reactions are occurring all around the mass of an object that passes through space.
All other organic material can burn with 3 ingredients.
These three things are;
  • heat
  • fuel(organic material)
  • oxygen
Fire Triangle
Image courtesy of Content Injection

Ask any firefighter, if you remove any of these elements a fire goes out.
If you take away oxygen a fire suffocates. If you remove the heat, it cannot continue to consume fuel and of course if you remove fuel, fire has nothing to consume and will burn out.
All three of the necessary elements for a fire to burn can and do exist independently without erupting into a fire.
Heat and I mean extreme heat can exist without starting to burn in a fire. Friction can cause extreme heat and you will find an example of this at the center of our own planet.
The friction created by the gravitational force generated by this planet passing through outer space can and does create extremely high temperature not far below the surface of the earth and increases the closer to the center you can get.
In fact it is theorized that the temperature of the earth's core is so high it cannot be measured.
Oxygen is abundant on earth and life as we know it cannot exist without it.
Fuel is also an abundant resource on the planet. Fuel is generally comprised of organic material. Thus any organic material coming in contact with heat can and will combust if there is enough oxygen and heat to allow it to burn.
Some materials will combust at higher temperatures than others. This is called the “flashpoint”. Flashpoint is officially defined as “the temperature at which a particular organic compound gives off sufficient vapor to ignite in air.”  
As defined above, the sun is a star at the center of our solar system. Before we can get into describing what the sun actually is, we need to find the scientific definition of a star and how the sun moves through space.
Before I go into the official definition of a star, I will describe how the sun travels through space.
Space is commonly defined a vacuum which would leave the average person to believe that it contains nothing. This is far from the truth. While space itself is a vacuum and provides no friction, there is gas, dust and other forms of matter that float around in space. These elements are susceptible to friction and are affected by objects and masses passing around them.
Consider this comparison. Most people don’t understand that H2-O that we know as “water” has a strong resistance to the flow of electricity. This means that electricity will not pass through H2-O.
Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons
Why then don’t we go for a swim during a lightning storm or stand in a puddle of water? The answer is simple. While pure H2-O conducts no electricity, the impurities in the water and other elements that are floating around unseen in the water such as iron and salt (sodium) among other things are excellent electrical conductors.
You can see this in the following diagram;
Pure water (H2-O) will not conduct electricity but if you add sodium chloride found in salt it will conduct electricity.

Image courtesy of Ruhow
Space is very similar. Space itself is a vacuum and is considered to contain nothing that can be measured or impede anything passing through it. However, there are objects and debris passing through it just as our planet and sun do.
Contrary to what most people believe, the sun and earth are always moving in a straight line through the universe towards the North Star which is why you can always pinpoint the North Star and it appears to stay in one place. The sun is not an object that stays in one place. Not only is it on a path to the north but it is also spinning at a high rate of speed just as the earth does.
The following diagram shows how I was taught how our solar system worked. This diagram is based on what is called the “heliocentric” also known as “Kepler’s orbit” attributed to no one other than Johannes Kepler.
In this model the sun is a stationary object at the center of our solar system that all planets rotate around from various distances from the sun. I believe that this is as inaccurate as the old models showing the earth to be flat. It is far from correct and will never lead us to the truth about our solar system or the universe it travels through.
This image courtesy of “Astronomy Cast”
Although it is partially accurate, I believe this model to be incomplete. The sun is not a stationary object. It is on a direct path north “following” the North Star which is also traveling in the same direction.
The following image portrays what I believe to be a more accurate representation of our solar system and how it travels through space in the direction of the North Star. All of the planets within our solar system are following closely behind the “sun” caught in its gravitational vortex.
Image courtesy of
Not only is the sun traveling in a straight direction North through space, it spins on an axis just as every planet in its wake does. As this spinning motion combines with the forward motion through space, the space around the object bends and twists creating a gravitational vortex. This causes all the planets behind it to circle around the vortex in an orbital pattern.
The following video will show a visual representation of how every planet including the sun travels through the universe.
Now I will define a “star”.
Image courtesy of Wikipedia
The most widely accepted definition is "A star is a huge sphere of very hot, glowing gas. Stars produce their own light and energy by a process called nuclear fusion."
Today, I will challenge this definition and attempt to demonstrate why.
If you haven't done so yet, you may want to read my posts titled "A new twist on gravity" and "What is gravity". I will be using this same logic while explaining why the sun is not a star as defined above. In fact, if you travel a significant enough distance away from earth and look back at it, it too would appear to be a ball of fire similar to other stars including our sun.
As the earth spins through space, its atmosphere impacts matter in the form of space debris as well as other elements and particles. It causes these particles and elements to spin in an equal and opposite direction causing immense friction between it and particles and/or debris within our atmosphere.
This particular phenomenon can be well observed at the very front of our planet. Yes there is a front to our planet as well as a back to our planet. You have heard these called poles. Specifically the North Pole, which is the leading edge of our planet and the south pole that is the trailing edge of our planet as it travels through space. You can see this represented in the following image.
Image courtesy of
The above image shows the red arrow pointing to the North Pole and the blue arrow points to the South Pole. For the intents and purposes of this article, the red arrow also points in the direction of travel through the universe as it follows the sun. The Blue arrow would then represent the direction of the gravitational vortex that spirals behind the earth as it passes through space.
Many people including scientists have observed the Aurora Borealis, aka “The Northern Lights”. These Northern lights are a visible indication of this gravitational vortex force in action.
Image courtesy of the “Northern Lights Center”
According to the Northern Lights Center, the Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis are “collisions between electrically charged particles from the sun that enter the earth's atmosphere”. These collisions cause friction as they begin to interact with other particles in our atmosphere as our planet or sun pass through the space containing those elements/particles. The northern lights are a visual representation of the space bending and twisting around our planet as it travels through space as well as the friction between those particles/elements.
While what appears to us as a beautiful multicolored cloud above, this actually looks from the outside to be a fire burning around our planet. This effect is multiplied exponentially as the space curves and twists around the back end of our planet (The South Pole).
The reason we cannot see this fire from the ground is due to the fact that light travels in one direction unless it is reflected or refracted by an object within its path. The fire that burns above us within our atmosphere shines light away from our planet so we are unable to see it from the ground. It also generates a lot of heat in the form of radiation which also travels away from our planet. This helps protect us from the extremely high temperatures above.
When we look at this from our vantage point on the ground, we see only a murky blend of colors. If we were to look at this same effect in outer space from around the same distance we are from the sun, we would see a ball of fire. It may not be as large or intense as that of the sun but you would see the glowing trail as well as feel the heat generated. You would need to travel significant distance away to see the fire that burns behind it.
As I stated in my previous posts, this friction caused by this gravitational vortex not only incinerates all organic material within the debris, it also causes nuclear fusion and fission at times.
Image courtesy of
We usually witness this on earth in the form of a meteor passing through the atmosphere as it is cast down by this gravitational force. It is a force equal but opposite to the force generated by the earth as it spins through space. We call it a shooting star when in reality it is a fireball that burns all organic material it comes in close contact with due to the great friction between the elements.
Due to the vast amount of debris within outer space this occurs continually but most of it goes completely unnoticed from our perspective.
I will say again, if you were to travel away from the planet at a distance equal to or greater than the sun, you can turn back and see this debris burning as it enters the gravitational vortex generated by the earth traveling through space.  You will see other planets that glow in similar fashion. In fact many planets are mistaken to be stars.
Once this debris comes into contact with the oxygen in our atmosphere it burns up any organic material that it carries with it. Sometimes heavier elements will fuse with other elements causing what is known as nuclear fusion. Other elements may split apart causing the opposite nuclear reaction that is commonly referred to as nuclear fission.
In essence the further you get from the planet, the more it looks like the sun because of the extreme temperatures created by it. This phenomena causes immense heat similar to the heat we feel from the "sun". This is because light and heat travel with little or no impedance through space.
It may not be quite as intense as the light and heat created by the gravitational vortex/field of the sun. This is due to the fact that the earth has much less mass and does not impact as much debris as the sun does because it is shielded from much of that as it follows the sun on its endless journey to the North Star.
Fortunately our atmosphere protects us and shields us from the extreme temperatures of the sun otherwise all organic material would burn from the extreme temperatures produced by this same "gravitational" force generated from the sun.
Earth’s Atmosphere courtesy of NASA
As I stated before, I am no expert so this is only my opinion (for what it's worth). I believe the sun is nothing more than a planet that is burning up space debris as it travels through outer space generating a gravitational vortex far greater than our planet does. The sun is the leader of the pack so to speak as we swirl in its wake and it encounters much more debris than our planet does.
Just as we cannot see from our perspective the fire that burns above us, anything on the surface of the planet we call our "sun" is completely shielded from the temperatures created above it. If you were to stand on the surface of the sun, you would look up to the sky and see a similar image that you see from our vantage point on earth. Although I believe the image may be clouded slightly by the fire that burns above similar to what we see with the Northern Lights.
Because the planet we call the sun spins on an axis that points the same direction (North) as our planet does all we can see is the fire burning behind it. We will never see the North Pole of the sun unless we send a satellite around the outskirts of the gravitational vortex of the sun and circle around the front.
I believe we would have a completely different view of the sun from the front, which we will never see from our vantage point. It may even be a planet that is capable of sustaining life just as the planet we live on.
The sun is “not” a star; it is a big brother planet protecting us on our journey through space. The theory that the sun is a self-perpetuating ball of fire producing an endless number of nuclear reactions is a ludicrous assumption in my opinion. What we can see of the sun from our perspective is nothing more than an exhaust trail produced by the gravitational vortex around the planet we have come to know as the sun.
Image courtesy of @sun on Twitter
Using that same logic I could presume that a jet airplane is a star because all I see is its exhaust from behind it. Until you get a look of the front of the sun, we cannot know for certain what it actually is.
Image courtesy of Wikipedia

In conclusion, I want to put away any worries about a catastrophic impact on earth caused by a large meteor impact with our planet.
Due to the size and mass of the planet we follow, aka the sun, it acts as a shield for our solar system and it incinerates anything in its path. As it passes through space, it will pull objects into its gravitational vortex and burn up everything in its trail. This protects our planet as well as the other planets in our solar system from collisions with large space debris such as comets and asteroids.
Before I go, I want to say one more thing.
This “Gravitational Vortex” created by the sun is so powerful that it will cause most of the light to bend around it thus not allowing the surface of the sun to reflect light from the front. This is what is commonly known as a black hole. It is a large mass that is passing through space creating such a large gravitational vortex that it actually bends the light around it making it appear completely black to the naked eye. It is not an empty space vortex as most scientists have theorized.
Here is a good visual image that shows light bending around a black hole courtesy of
That is about all I have to say on the subject.
Please comment below if you would like to share your opinion on the subject.
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Monday, October 3, 2016

What is Gravity?

Today I am going to elaborate on my previous post titled "A New Twist on Gravity".

If you haven't done so yet, please read my blog entry here.

Contrary to what most people believe, Gravity is not a force that pulls down from the earth nor is it a force that pushes down from above. Gravity is not a force that is generated by an object or body at rest. Gravity is a force that is generated as an object moves through space.

Scientists believe outer space is a vacuum that contains no mass, weight, or anything else that can be measured. While this is partially correct, it is not a completely true. Outer space does contain small particles as well as other objects that pass through it. These particles and objects are affected by objects passing through space in an equally and opposite way. Einstein knew this when he came up with his theory of relativity.

Just as an airplane cuts through the air bending it around the back side of an airfoil (wing) creating a lifting force above the wing. Particles and objects in space also bend down and around objects passing through space. To follow our airplane wing as an example, the air behind the wing will bend down behind the wing causing an opposite lift on the top of the wing. Sometimes, if the angle of the wing is too steep, the air will be forced down and back up again causing what is known as "drag" and actually impedes the lifting force as well as slowing the aircraft down.
A visual diagram showing the way air bends around
the wing of an airplane causing the opposing lifting force.
This is similar to how Gravity works. As the earth spins through space any object within that space is thrown down around its back side causing the particles and other objects within space to spin in an opposite direction throwing it towards the ground and across the ground causing this spinning force of Gravity to transfer to objects on the surface.

Not only does this action create a downward force on objects on the ground it also forces those objects to move in the direction of the rotation of the earth. It will also cause smaller objects to spin in an opposite direction.

The particles and other matter that occupied the space as the earth passes through it are actually thrown down and thrust forward in the direction of the earth rotation. It also creates pressure from the atmosphere above.

The image below is probably the best visual representation I can come up with to accurately describe the gravitational force created as the earth spins through space.'

As the earth rotates in a clockwise direction
all particles and other objects displaced will swirl down and behind the
earth with equal opposing force

This spinning force causes an equal and opposite reaction to every mass it comes in contact with. For example, try placing 2 tennis balls together with their edges pressed firmly together with the other ball. Take your finger and spin one of the balls. If they are touching, the rotation of the ball is transferred to the ball next to it. It will cause the other ball to rotate in an opposing direction.

This is how gravity works. The objects and particles within the space that are disrupted and displaced by the earth passing through it causes every object within that space to spin in an opposite direction and swirling in behind the earth as it spins. These objects/particles then transfer that force to every object they come in contact with. A grain of sand will spin equally and opposite as the force of gravity. The grain of sand will cause and equal and opposite force against the grains of sand that it is in direct contact with and so forth.

You will find a good example of this Gravitational force in action when you look at the mysterious moving rocks in Death Valley National Park in California's Mojave desert. Scientists have been baffled for years by these rocks that seem to slowly move across the flat sand of the desert. The solution is very simple when you begin to understand how Gravity works.

The whole earth is affected by this force causing the entire ground to churn as every object affects every other object that it is in contact with. Gravity stirs everything from the surface of the crust all the way to the center of the earth. This force creates friction, even within our atmosphere.

The friction of these particles and or other objects swirling around can be so great that it will burn any organic material it comes in contact with. We see this all the time as we look to the stars and watch as a meteor enters this gravitational force. Scientists believe this is a function of our atmosphere. I disagree. This is caused by the friction between the twisting particles and other objects spinning in the trail of the planet and the small particles contained in our atmosphere.

By the time this friction has burned all organic material there is usually nothing left but a rock thrown to the ground by gravity. Yes, I said thrown.

Sometimes the friction is so great that nuclear fusion and fission occurs. This is even more prominent when it occurs beneath the earth's crust. All this energy from above causes the inner earth to churn causing elements to fuse together or split apart. The deeper beneath the surface the more pressure is applied thus creating even more friction.

The core of the earth is a continual fusion and fission process that is all directly affected by this gravitational force of space.

I will say again that I am not an expert in physics or earth science so this is just my opinion on the subject. I do believe that this is a more accurate representation of how gravity works and how it affects everything on this planet.

Feel free to comment below.

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