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Sunday, November 27, 2016

How to re upholster an old wing back chair - Part 1 #TheEasyWay #HelloAnna

Saturday I helped Anna while she reupholstered an old wing back chair.

Here is a time lapse video of her progress.

Enjoy the video.

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Friday, November 25, 2016

How to make turkey gravy "The Easy Way (TM)" #HappyThanksgiving #TheEasy...

Anna and I hosted Thanksgiving at our house this year.

My parents arrived early to help prepare the turkey and make the dressing and gravy. My father had to show me how to make gravy for the 78th time but this time he was able to show me "The Easy Way(TM)".

I was able to get it all on video so I don't forget the recipe next time ;).

Enjoy the video and #HappyThanksgiving

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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Ivan's Birthday at Wahooz.

For Ivan's Birthday we took him and Maria to Wahooz. We had a great time and I was able to get it on video.


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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Two Garden City Police Officers on scene of...

Today on my way home from work, I noticed 2 Garden City police officers on the scene of a possible car accident or a DUI. It wasn't too obvious so your guess is as good as mine.

Enjoy the video

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Monday, November 21, 2016

Eight ball corner pocket

This is just a short video of me shooting the 8 ball into the corner pocket from different camera angles.

Enjoy #WhoIsBryguy1955 #HelloAnna #Shield5

Texting while flagging in a construction zone

I recorded a video of us driving through a construction zone and captured video of a flagger texting on his phone while on duty.

I think that may be considered a safety violation. What do you think?

Comment below...

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Everything from bulldogs to chandeliers at the auction

Saturday, Anna and I went to the auction because she had her eye on a new chandelier for our kitchen.

I was able to get it all on video for you to enjoy.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Six ball run followed by an easy win in 8-Ball

Last night after moving my pool table, I played a game of pool with my nephew Dylan. After my first break shot, I ran 6 stripes in a row giving him one shot before I cleaned the rest of the balls on the table and won the game.

Enjoy the video

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Moving my Pool table "The Easy Way (TM)"

Today my neighbor Rick came by to help me move my pool table. It was HEAVY!!!

Here is a video I took of us moving it.

Enjoy #WhoIsBryguy1955 #HelloAnna #Shield5

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Police seen talking to a Park Ranger at Eagle Island State Park

Today Anna, I and Ivan took our dog to Eagle Island for a walk. As we were driving into the park we noticed a park ranger talking to an Eagle Police Officer. I wasn't sure what for but ...

Monday, November 14, 2016

A quick flight from Boise to Caldwell

Today I decided to record a video of me playing one of my favorite games, Microsoft Flight Simulator. I don't get much time to play it but I thought it would be fun to try recording it for your enjoyment.

Tonight I I thought I would try my first night flight from Boise to Caldwell. I think I did pretty well. You can be the judge. Like and share the video.

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A day of Ambulance Chasing and Cataract Surgery

Anna has been having problems with her eyesight lately and a few weeks ago we learned that she has cataracts.

So today, I had to take her in to have cataract surgery to her left eye.

We had the surgery done at the Pacific Cataract Institute in Boise.

We were there for about an hour and a half but the surgery itself only took 15 minutes.

I was able to get the entire operation on video for educational purposes.

I hope it will help alleviate any anxieties you may have while anticipating this type of procedure.

Warning: Some viewers may find the following video content disturbing. Viewer discretion is advised.

We hope this surgery is a success. Anna really wants to start writing again.

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Nearly hit by a police car

Today while driving our car was almost hit by a police followed by a black truck the came even closer to hitting us. You will see it approximately 35 seconds into the video.

What is Space, How big is the Sun and why does it matter?

Today I will attempt to challenge a bit more about what you have been taught about the universe. 

Before I can get into the size of the sun, I need to describe to you what space, commonly referred to as "Outer Space" really is.

According to Google, space "is a continuous area or expanse that is free, available, or unoccupied.". I think this is an accurate definition and it is the definition I was taught in school but as I stated before, feel free to check it's definition in the trustworthy Websters dictionary.

When I say this is an accurate definition, I am not saying it is completely accurate. Space is never "unoccupied" as this definition would lead you to believe. Space is actually made up of atomic particles and subatomic particles that are completely neutral and are loosely bound together. When I say loosely, I mean any other particle can split through an atom that exists in space with absolutely no resistance.

It is made up of an infinite number of dimensions within which all things exist and move.
Although we are only capable of perceiving 3 dimensions. Those dimensions are height, depth, and width. 

What I am about to tell you could possibly blow your mind so to speak. It will definitely challenge everything you believed about the sun.

I will start by telling you the sun is tiny!. Yes that is what I said, I said "The sun is tiny!" and when I said tiny, I mean it's so small that it cannot be seen with any microscope that exists today.

I know what you are thinking. You are thinking this guy is off his rocker and out of his mind. If you give me a moment to explain, I think you will understand exactly where I am coming from and come to your own conclusions as to whether or not I am crazy.

As this tiny particle we call the "Sun" passes through space, it splits the the loosely bound atoms that make up "outer-space". This split is also known as a nuclear reaction called "fission". When this reaction occurs, it immediately polarizes the subatomic particles and creates a powerful magnetic force between these subatomic particles. This magnetic force creates the force we know as "gravity".

Imagine taking a metal tubular magnet and break it in half. What happens? The magnetic poles begin to attract one another or if aligned wrong, repel one another. This is similar to space. An object or in this case a particle passing through the fabric of space is separating the magnetic field causing equal and opposite reactions just as in the example of the broken magnet.

These polarized subatomic particles collide with other subatomic particles causing similar reactions. Those subatomic particles split through the neutral atoms that make up space causing additional fission and also forces another type of nuclear reaction called "fusion" with other polarized atomic particles creating the basic elements that create matter. Yes I said this process creates the elements that make up matter.

When an atom is split in this nuclear reaction known as fission it causes a reaction in the fabric of outer space and creates particles that transfer light called photons. It also creates a vast amount of heat and generates temperatures that cannot be measured. I believe this is the type of nuclear reaction that killed millions of people in Japan near the end of World War II.

Although much of the light and heat you feel from the sun is from the splitting of the atom other particles combine to form hydrogen, oxygen, helium, gold, silver, etc.... This fusion creates the basic elements that make up our planet and the other planets in our solar system.

As hydrogen atoms collide with oxygen atoms it creates H2-O also known as water thus allowing life as we know it to exist on this planet. Other heavier elements are created like gold, lead, uranium are fused together and settle below the lighter elements. Usually these elements combine together and gradually get covered by the lighter elements above and need to be dug out or excavated from the ground. The heavier elements slowly settle towards the center of the earth and resting just above the heavier elements below.

No more fusion can occur beyond that point. Just about all that can be fused together at that point has already been fused together.

That is not to say there is not friction or pressure. In fact the pressure is so high and the friction created by the fission process surrounding the elements extreme temperatures are generated. These temperatures are theorized to be so high that they cannot be accurately measured.

Now that I have explained to you of how this tiny particle we know as our sun passes through space creating the continuous "big bang", imagine this same process happening an infinite number of times above us as we look we look up at the sun. It is occurring  hundreds of billions of times creating what we see as the sun. This process creates winds, weather and the entire atmosphere above us protecting us from the radiation and extreme temperatures caused by the sun particle splitting through the multi-dimensional fabric of space.
In closing I would like to say that I believe the sun is nothing more than a single particle separating the space it passes through and generating the magnetic force called gravity as it passes through the fabric of space.

As I have said before, I am no expert. This is just my opinion. If you have any opinions feel free to comment below.

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Friday, November 11, 2016

Candlight Vigil held in Boise in memory of last weeks shooting victim

Tonight on my way from the movies with my 2 sons, we drove by the scene of the road rage incident last week that ended in a fatal shooting.

A candlelight vigil was being held in memory of the shooting victim Luis R. Lara (38) who was shot 3 times during a road rage incident with 21 year old Jacob D. Wall.

Here is a video we captured as we drove by.

Ivan is busted for illegally operating his drone and kicked out of the p...

Yesterday Anna and I decided to take the dog and the kids to the park. We had a good time until a park ranger walked up to let us know the park is closed after sunset. He also had to explain the rules regarding operating the drone.

His name was Matt and he seemed to be a nice enough guy so we didn't argue with him.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Why I voted for Donald Trump - An exclusive interview with Alan Dein on BBC4


Alan Dein with BBC 4 Radio in London called me to ask about the elections for an upcoming episode of the radio series "Don't Log Off. He wanted to know who I voted for and why as well as wanting to catch up on the latest with Anna an I.

I was able to get the entire conversation on video.

Here it is. I hope you enjoy the video.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

I voted #WhoIsBryguy1955

Today I went to vote and recorded a video. If you look close you may even see who I voted for :)

Enjoy the video.

Monday, November 7, 2016

Ivan's Drone compilation

This is some video footage taken by Ivan while he flew his drone. Many of the videos were taken over our neighborhood and Eagle Island. I think the videos turned out pretty cool.

Hopefully we will be able to get another drone that can produce higher quality videos soon.

#WhoIsBryguy1955 #HelloAnna #Shield5

An evening of playing pool ends at a scene of a fatal shooting

The other day, I went out with a few friends to The Pocket in Boise. We had a great time playing pool and I was able to get a lot of it on video.

On our way home from the pocket, I came across a police barricade that we learned later to be a scene of a fatal shooting that occurred just before 6:00 P.M. on the corner of Edna and Five Mile in Boise. You can see it on video approximately 9 1/2 minutes into the video.

Exclusive video of police on the scene of a fatal shooting in Boise

Last night on our way home from playing pool, we drove up on this police barricade that we later discovered was the scene of a fatal shooting at the corner of Five Mile and Edna.

I was able to capture it on both my go pro and my Canon camcorder. This is the video I captured using my trusty Canon. You can view the other video here and on YouTube as well.

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Police barricade and possible standoff at the corner of Edna and 5 Mile in Boise

Tonight I met with some friends and we played some pool at the Pocket in Boise. On our way home we saw a police barricade set up at the corner of Edna and 5 Mile. Crowds were gathered and it looked like a police standoff.

Saturday, November 5, 2016

What is Eternity and When does it start

Today I want to talk about time and how we perceive it as well as attempt to describe eternity in a way you probably have never heard.

I will begin by asking the question "What is time?".

According to Wikipedia "Time is a component quantity of various measurements used to sequence events, to compare the duration of events or the intervals between them, and to quantify rates of change of quantities in material reality or in the conscious experience."

I believe this is an accurate definition but feel free to look it up in the dictionary if you don't trust the "Newspeak".

As stated in the definition above, time is a measurement "used to sequence events". According to this definition, time is a measurement device of sorts, similar to a ruler.

Imagine a skydiver getting ready to jump out of a plane. He/she is about to participate in an event that will begin when he/she jumps from the plane, continues as they free-fall through the air and ends with the skydiver on the ground (hopefully safe).

Now that I have created an "event" in your mind, I want you to imagine the same skydiver taking a tape measure with him/her and clip the end on an invisible hook in the air that surrounds the plane at the time the skydiver leaves the plane.
As the skydiver falls through the air, the tape measure rolls out to measure the distance the skydiver has traveled through the air. Once the skydiver reaches the ground, the tape measure ends providing a way for the skydiver to accurately count the centimeters(seconds), inches(minutes), feet(hours), yards(days), miles(weeks), etc...

This is similar to how we measure time. Although the devices we use are more complex than a tape measure.

In the beginning, whether you believe in the "big bang" theory or you subscribe to the belief in a supreme being or "God" creating the Earth, someone started counting the years, decades, centuries and millennia based on a calendar used by the "Mayans" 

It is said to have ended on the 12 day of December in the year 2012. In essence we reached the end of the tape measure used to measure the event.

Our modern day calendar is based on the Gregorian Calendar that began a little over 2000 years ago, almost 2017 years ago to be more precise.

Now that I have demonstrated what time is, I want to talk about "eternity". Again I will start by asking a question, "What is eternity?".

According to Merriam Websters, the short definition of eternity is "time that seems to be without an end"

I don't believe that this is a complete definition of the word. I believe that "Eternity" is more accurately defined as time without a beginning or an end. You probably can't even imagine that length of time! It includes all time with no beginning and no end. 

Now that we have an accurate definition of the word, I want to ask the question "When is eternity?". In order to answer this question I will need to answer a couple of other questions. These questions are "What moment of time has no beginning?" and "What moment of time has no end?".

Is eternity yesterday? No, yesterday had an obvious end. Yesterday ended now, did it not? Will eternity begin tomorrow? Of course not, tomorrow begins now, doesn't it? Confusing, isn't it.

The only moment of time that has no beginning and no end is "now". Think about it, now is the moment you are interfacing with this world for any particular length of time. Can you tell me when now began and when now ends?

You cannot answer that question. Eternity is "NOW" and it is a division of time that can be measured as seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, etc....

Now that you know that the moment "now" is a point of time on a timeline, you can also see how time is relative to the measurement used and the number of times it has occurred on the timeline, if that makes sense. It can be represented using the very simple formula that follows.

HAHAHA!!! Just kidding. I said a simple formula and I meant it.

The formula is n/x or n divided by x.

The letter "n" in the above formula will represent the period of time that "now" spans. It could be a year, century, millennium, etc....

The letter "x" represents the number of those time divisions have occurred throughout the timeline of history.

Any division of time regardless of if it be a week, month or year can be calculated using this formula,

As we get older, time seems to go faster and I believe it is true. If we apply this formula to our age at any given time we can calculate how many decades you have existed and how fast you perceive them to occur on your own timeline which I hope is a long one. Basically the older you get, the faster time passes. 

How we perceive time passing is relative to the number of "nows" throughout your life. For example, 1 year can seem like a very long time to a 10 year old girl or boy but the same year can be perceived to pass much more quickly to a person in their late 50s or early 60s.

To the young child a year=1/10 of their life but to the elderly person a single year is 1/60th of their life.

Anyway that's about all I have to say about it. Agree or not, it's my opinion for what its worth. Feel free to comment below.

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Here is one more thing to think about before you go. As demonstrated above our perception of time is relative but so is our perception of now. For instance my now could be 300 years into your past and your now could be 1500 years in my past. It's all relative.

Mind-Boggling isn't it.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Boise Police set up a road block

On my way home from work, I saw a Boise police officer stop at the corner of Orchard and Irving causing a Fed Ex truck to come to almost a complete stop in the middle of the intersection as the driver attempted to drive between my car and the officer's car.

I'm not sure what the officer was doing. Perhaps he was getting ready to set up a road block or something.

Anyway, here is the video.