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Thursday, November 16, 2017

Get that tail light fixed and DON'T DO DRUGS

The other day on my way into work I came beside a truck and couldn't help but notice him rummaging around the cab of the truck with his passenger while waiting at an intersection.

At the time I wasn't sure what they were doing but after reviewing the video (Yes, I captured it all on video) I concluded they were cutting a line of cocaine.

It even looked like the passenger snorted a line when the light changed. To top it off, they had a broken tail light. They were fortunate I'm not a cop or they would have been BUSTED!!!

Enjoy the video

Monday, November 13, 2017

Protestors and Police at the grand opening of the Mormon temple on Veterans Day

On Veterans Day, my wife and I were driving by the Mormon Temple which was celebrating the last day of the grand opening. We noticed police and protesters and had to stop to get some video. We even met up with Matt Slick the founder of CARM.
Enjoy the video.