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Saturday, January 30, 2016

Who Owns The Earth?

Today I wanted to bring up a topic that has been weighing on my mind for a while. With the whole situation in #Oregon involving a dispute over how much land the government needs to control and how much land should belong to the people, I need to give you my perspective.

There is already too much coverage of the situation already so I won't go into much detail about the situation in Oregon. I am sure if you haven't heard about it, you can read about it somewhere else. All I can say about the situation is that it is a tragedy and it should not have happened.

Enough said about that.

I want to start by asking the following question; "Who owns the ground you are standing on(Earth)?". I think it is a good question and may be relevant to the current situation in Oregon.

It seems to me that if I want to build a house, I need to buy land to put it on from someone. Who do I buy the land from? Of course, I buy it from the land owner. Who else would I buy it from?

Now I would like to pose the question, "Where did they obtain the land?".  The answer is, they purchased the land from someone who bought the land from someone else who bought the land from someone else, etc... I hope you can see where I am going with on this.

I can't tell you exactly when it happened the first time, but I can tell you that before #America was even a simple thought in someone's mind, the land was owned by the people(Native Americans at the time). I am not a history buff but as far as I know they shared the land with each other for a very long time. Of course there were territorial disputes from time to time but most of the time they lived in peace and harmony with each other and the planet they lived on.

I know this will probably bring up a lot of controversy but it is true. A Great War was fought with the "Native Americans" to take the land that they had shared for centuries. I don't think anyone can deny that. In essence "We The People" stole the land from the natives and declared it our own. Yes, I will say it again our government, aka "We The People" stole the land and declared ownership.

I personally believe that it is the right of every human being on the planet to own the ground they need to survive on. Some people need more land than others, for example; #Ranchers need open range for their livestock to live on. #Farmers also need lots of land to grow their crops. If they don't get enough land to keep up with our consumption, people will starve. That is #TheTruth.

Unfortunately, because the land is sold to individuals, people with a lot of money have an advantage that most of us don't have. They tend to buy up more than they need so that they control more land and more importantly make a profit.

They also tend to buy up all the prime real estate. To be honest, I don't really see much problem with that in particular. If you can afford land with a good view, go for it. I won't stand in anyone's way of the home of their dreams.

What I do have a problem with is individuals that have access to vast amount of resources buying up all the land from "Our Government" and reselling it back to the general population at a highly inflated rate.

Yes I said they bought the land from our federal government ("We the people") and are reselling the property back to us. It has been happening for a very long time. I can't tell you how long but it was going on before I was born.

On the other side of the spectrum we find people who cannot even afford to buy land. They can only afford to rent a small apartment to reside in. Some people can't even afford that. We have many people who are homeless that could probably do much better if they had property that they could settle on and build a home.

And then of course there is our government. It wants to control all other land and lease it at a huge cost to those ranchers and farmers to grow their crops on. Or if you have very deep pockets, I'm sure you can purchase some prime government land for yourself. Maybe you could even split it and sell it to someone else to make subdivisions of your land. Thus, the situation in #Oregon.

In my opinion, I think this system is not ideal and I believe it should be changed. I think that every man, woman and child needs a place where they can call home. A piece of land that no one else can touch. There is a catch however, I think they should only be entitled to the land that they need. Nothing more. All other land should be owned and maintained by #WeThePeople(the government).

Ranchers should lease the land necessary from the government(#WeThePeople) that they require raise their livestock without intervention. This land should not be used for any other purpose and should not be owned by any particular person or organization.

I propose the same for Farmers. They should lease the land they require from the government without hassle or intervention unless the land is being used for other purposes.

Also, in my opinion, I think that no one should ever be able to own land around national treasures such as rivers, lakes, oceans and other attractions. No particular individual or organization should be entitled to purchase land that will restrict access and prevent the general population from enjoying those pleasures. They should be maintained and protected by the government so that future generations will enjoy them as well. The maintenance costs for this should be offset by fees collected when people visit the attractions.

For now, that is all I can say about it. #LikeItOrNot, it is only my opinion and as far as I know we still live in #America where I am still entitled to an opinion.

I want to leave you now with this question; "If land was neither bought or sold, would there still be #PropertyTax?

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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

"There shall be earthquakes in diverse places"

Today, I want to tell you why earthquakes and volcanic eruptions occur and why they are necessary for the survival of our planet.

You have probably learned in school about the different layers within the earth; the Inner Core, Outer core, Mantle and finally the Crust (The ground you are standing on).

Without going into much detail about the science behind it, I want to explain to you why the earth is made this way. It is designed in such a way for it to self-correct in order to keep it in balance as it spins at approximately 1036 miles(1667 Kilometers) per hour through space while it maintains its orbit around the sun.

The ground that you are standing on (The crust) is actually the thinnest layer of the earth and it actually floats on top of the mantle. You may not notice it, but it does move in relation to the mantle that it floats on.  In fact, the layer below the crust tends to move in relation to the outer core of the earth.

We tend to notice the motion more when two of the  #TecTonic plates of the earth's crust/mantle bind against each other slowly building enough pressure to finally slip or break free of each other on a #FaultLine(the edge of the plate) causing a sudden release of energy that we know as an #EarthQuake.

This force is completely unpredictable and unpreventable. It is the way the earth adjusts to maintain its balance.

Using the following example, I will show you how it would be impossible for the earth to maintain its balance without its ability to release this pressure through earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.

As a child in the 1970s and 80s, I remember having a spinning top, similar to the one you see in this picture.  Many of you probably remember this type of toy as a child.

As you push the plunger down it begins to spin on a very small point on the bottom. It will spin until it gradually slows down and finally tip over. The faster it spins the longer it will spin on its axis similar to how the earth spins on its axis. It does this because it is completely in balance.

For the purpose of this article though I want you to imagine, or even try it at home if you have one of these tops.

I want you to imagine placing a paperclip on one side of the top and affix it with scotch tape to the top. Try spinning it now. What happens?

It starts an uncontrollable wobble that results in it spinning out of control and crashing onto its side. In fact if you were to spin it fast enough it would probably completely fall apart before it had a chance to fall to the ground.

Next imagine drilling a hole in one side of the top and adding 2 paperclips to the other side. You can see the same result every time. In fact the more weight you take from one side of the top and move to the other, the faster the top reaches its abrupt end.

Now I want you to imagine a layer between the surface of the top that allows it to float on it without falling off of it. Then divide the surface (crust) into sections that are held tightly in place by a gravitational force that binds it to the layer below it (mantle) similar to a loosely fitting puzzle .

Spin it again. As the top starts to spin the surface will adjust by sliding the plates until balance is found again. Sometimes one plate will rise and another will fall in order for the adjustment to take place. Other times the edges of these plates may bind against each other and build pressure resulting in a release of energy similar to that of a violent earthquake.

Finally I want you to imagine, digging up tons of iron on one side of the planet, shipping it to the other side and placing it on the ground in the form of a skyscraper. Think of the amount of weight we have moved from one location of the globe to the other in order to construct New York City or Los Angeles, California.

If the earth was solid, it would have likely been thrown off balance and possibly would have fallen completely apart years ago.  The best case scenario would be that it would have spun completely out of orbit. Both scenarios would have resulted in the end of mankind as well as any other life form that depends on the heat and light of the sun. Though violent, an earthquake is far less devastating than the alternative if the earth was not designed this way.

Because the ground you walk on is actually broken up into various plates bound to the mantle by gravity and the pressure above it. The earth is able to make these minor adjustments automatically so that it can continue to rotate on its axis as it continue its annual journey around the sun. These self-adjustments are done through earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.

Earthquakes can be quite devastating, resulting in not only destruction of property but also Tsunamis can occur that can cause devastating floods throughout the world.
Volcanic eruptions are another form of a pressure release that is necessary. While the earth’s crust and mantle adjust from time to time resulting in earthquakes, the pressure changes on the layer beneath.

This layer is called the outer core. The outer core consists of a significant amount of molten rock called magma. It has been melted by the extremely high temperature of the Earth’s core.

Though no one really know what the actual core looks like, most scientists will tell you that it is solid and extremely hot. It is believed to be almost as hot as the sun but it remains solid and will not melt. It is consists primarily of iron and nickel. It is so hot (nearly 5000 degrees centigrade) that it would have melted long ago if there was not so much pressure above it. Thus the core is solid and very hot. Hot enough to melt a significant portion of the outer core.

As the crust and mantle of the earth adjusts above it, pressure builds in various locations of the outer core resulting in a need to release that pressure to maintain balance. As this occurs, pressure builds within the outer core and it will begin to apply pressure to the mantel and crust above. Sometimes the crust will even rise to form a mountain.

Once the pressure below the crust exceeds the pressure of the crust and the atmosphere above, this molten rock breaks through the crust resulting in the molten rock spewing from it as it. This is known as a volcanic eruption. This molten rock becomes known as lava when it is released through a vent (volcano).

While earthquakes and volcanoes are both devastating, they are necessary for this planet that we live on to maintain its orbit around the sun and sustain life as we know it. The only way to prevent them is for everyone and everything to stay in place. We all know that that is impossible, so we need to expect them and prepare for them. They will occur in the future and continue to occur throughout the lifespan of our species and the planet we live on.

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Thursday, January 7, 2016

What Is The Moon and where is the Ark of the Covenant?

First of all, I want to apologize to everyone if I caused fear in anyone’s mind with my previous post. The last thing I wanted to do is produce fear in anyone’s mind. We all know that there are way too many sources out there already that are continually bombarding you and I with news that is only designed to produce fear. Just turn on #CNN #NBC #MSNBC #FOX(Yes, I said Fox), etc...

Turn them all off and and tell them #TakeMeToTheRealNewsPlease(TM)

My intention is not to make people fear for the future. My only intent is to show the possibilities of the future outcome based on the result of our actions. With the threat of possible nuclear war and other potential natural caused disasters or human caused disasters, it is necessary to demonstrate the possible outcomes based on the decisions we make as a global society.

One thing I want you to keep in mind is that all of this has happened before and could possibly happen in the future if we don’t #WakeUp, We need to stop fighting over the small stuff(religion, politics, this, that and the other thing). We must learn from the past so that we can move into a future of peace, fulfillment and understanding. We need to stop the bickering and we #MUST finally break the cycle to survive as a species.

Scientists will tell you that the earth has seen a number of Ice Ages and natural disasters that have caused many species in the past to become extinct. No one really knows why or how but we know for certainty it is true.

All you need to do is look at all the dinosaur fossils and human remains that are eternally embedded in stone.  What do you think a fossil is? We know it has happened at least once but many scientists theorize that it has occurred a countless number of times.

I believe those that came before us had technology that was as advanced or even superseded the technological advances that we have made. The evidence is everywhere from Stonehenge to the Pyramids in Egypt to a number of other sites and locations around the globe. Even with all of the technological advances we have made, we are still unable to duplicate what the ancients did.

I want to present you with the following hypothetical scenario.

What if that same society not only had computers but a technology that would even allow them to place a satellite in orbit?  They may have even had an internet similar to the one we use today. Bouncing signals from earth to a satellite back to earth, just as we do today. It is said, "History repeats itself.".

I not only believe this to be possible but I also believe it to be very probable.  It doesn't take very long for the components that make up computers to deteriorate while buried under the ground. It only takes about 300 years for all of the components to deteriorate into nothing and we are talking about a period of time far longer than that. The evidence of ancient computers would have long since vanished before we even walked on dry ground.

The only things left are the stones that make up the pyramids, forever destined to point towards the sky. Those who came before us knew that the only thing left after a global catastrophe of that type of intensity would be those stones.

Where are those stones pointing? The stars? Perhaps some far away galaxy? I don't think so. I think the ancients were telling us "Look at the star that circles the earth and you will find the answers you are looking for". Perhaps they knew that it was already too late for them to end the cycle and they knew the end was near. So they sent us a message, a message that would not be destroyed.

That star though has since vanished beneath the dust that originated from earth but it continues its faithful orbit just on the outskirts of our atmosphere reflecting the light of the sun, waiting to be uncovered to show us all the answers we seek.

#Knowledge is and has always been our most valuable asset. Thus the main thing we all need as a global society is #information. What if those that came before us kept a backup all of the data collected during the lifespan of their species?

Personally, as an IT professional, I would have backed it up to the perfect offsite storage location, the satellite orbiting above. It would be completely free from all the elements stored safely in a vacuum.

Let's add a little more to my theory. Throughout history there have been known artifacts that seemed to have vanished. Consider the #ArkOfTheCovenant.  It is one of the most sought after after artifacts in the history of our species. Most historians will tell you that there is a substantial amount of evidence to prove that such an object existed. Yet no one has found it. Where is it?

Here is a question for you.

What would you do if you were the #Richest, #Wisest and #MostPowerful person in the world(#KingSolomon)? Where would you keep your most prized possessions to protect them during a natural disasters or prevent them from getting stolen?

If it was me, I think I would have it kept safe and secure in the satellite circling above. We are doing the same thing today. Didn't we even place such a time capsule in space during the 1980's? #HistoryRepeatsItself

What if the moon is a satellite that not only houses the information collected from those that came before us but also houses precious artifacts that have been preserved for eternity under a mountain of dust circling above us?

I have one more thing to mention before I end this topic. If my theory is correct and the dust on the moon originated from Earth, what kind of minerals(maybe even vitamins and other vital nutrients) are there that mankind has never seen since he became aware of himself?

I will now leave you with one more question. What would this planet look like if all those elements were brought back down to earth?

What do you think? +NASA +Ciencia & Humor

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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Good News and Bad News

I have some ‪#‎GoodNews‬ and some ‪#‎BadNews‬

The bad news is that one day all of the servers that collect this data will be entombed for an eternity beneath a mountain of stone.

The good news is that the actual data will be preserved intact on an orbiting satellite that maintains it's orbit safely on the edges of our atmosphere. Eventually this satellite will be covered under a mountain of dust caused by the cataclysmic event that will take place.

The dust will be so thick that no heat or light will be able to pass through it from the Sun. This will create an Ice Age similar to intensity, if not more devastating than the previous Ice Ages.

But our satellite will continue its faithful orbit around the planet for eternity and will be later called the moon. Or in this case moon #2. It's only purpose, to reflect the light from the Sun during the night.

Then in a few million years. after the dust has finally settled; the clouds will part; the sun will shine, the Ice will melt and finally the grass will begin to grow again.

Finally mankind will dig up the scrolls in an effort to figure out what happened. The process starts all over again. Genesis will begin again. Unless of course we #‎WakeUP‬

#StephenHawking #NASA What do you think?

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Friday, January 1, 2016

A New Year with Anna

Anna and I spent a very quiet evening at home with the children on New Years Eve. We watched Home Alone and watched the big New Year celebration in Times Square.

Then we finished the Evening off watching Late night show with Jimmy Fallon. Anna and I are big fans.

New Years day we spent shopping at Kohls, Toys R Us and Hobby Lobby.

Enjoy the video.

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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year 2016 from Bryguy1955 and Anna!

We hope 2016 brings everyone

Good health, abundant wealth, 

everlasting peace and perfect joy!!! 

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Happy New Year!