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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Good News and Bad News

I have some ‪#‎GoodNews‬ and some ‪#‎BadNews‬

The bad news is that one day all of the servers that collect this data will be entombed for an eternity beneath a mountain of stone.

The good news is that the actual data will be preserved intact on an orbiting satellite that maintains it's orbit safely on the edges of our atmosphere. Eventually this satellite will be covered under a mountain of dust caused by the cataclysmic event that will take place.

The dust will be so thick that no heat or light will be able to pass through it from the Sun. This will create an Ice Age similar to intensity, if not more devastating than the previous Ice Ages.

But our satellite will continue its faithful orbit around the planet for eternity and will be later called the moon. Or in this case moon #2. It's only purpose, to reflect the light from the Sun during the night.

Then in a few million years. after the dust has finally settled; the clouds will part; the sun will shine, the Ice will melt and finally the grass will begin to grow again.

Finally mankind will dig up the scrolls in an effort to figure out what happened. The process starts all over again. Genesis will begin again. Unless of course we #‎WakeUP‬

#StephenHawking #NASA What do you think?

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