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Saturday, February 27, 2016

Breaking News - First Photo of the "Little Big Bang" at CERN

Scientists have taken the very first photo of "The Little Big Bang" from the first collision in the Hadron Collider at ‪#‎CERN‬

The Little Big Bang
(Photo taken at CERN on February 25th, 2016)

Now scientists and Engineers from both CERN and ‪#‎NASA‬ are now looking through the particles that remain and analyzing all the data in an attempt to discover the foundations of life itself. 

Scientists analyze the data generated
before, after and during the experiment.
A bottle of champagne was opened
as the team of Scientists
celebrated the historic event

You can find more information about this historic event using the links below 

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Friday, February 26, 2016

FBI vs. Apple and Freedom of Privacy

Today I want to talk about a subject that has been all over the news lately. I am sure most everyone has heard the story so I will not go into details on it. If you haven't heard the story yet you can find links below.

It seems everyone has an opinion on the subject. Bill Gates, Donald Trump, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Hillary Clinton, etc... are weighing in on the subject. From what I have heard the general consensus is that Apple should write some code that does not exist currently in order to give the FBI(and soon all branches of the Federal government) access to the IOS system to retrieve data that is stored locally on an Apple I-Phone.

The FBI says that this will only be used only for this particular phone and will not be used for any other purpose(things that make you go hmmm....). It sounds like it is the right thing to do, right? It definitely sounds like a valid request.

What happened was a tragedy and no one would like justice to be served to all of those that perpetrated this act of terror more than me. No one can deny that it is important for the investigation to determine who these perpetrators were associated with i.e. communicating with. The keyword here is "communicating".

I am not a detective nor do I claim to be an expert in investigations. One thing I do know is that when suspects are named in any case, a warrant can be issued by a judge if there is sufficient evidence produced. This warrant will give Law Enforcement access to any property owned or controlled by the suspect as long as it is specified within the warrant. That process is the only way the government(state or federal) can legally search your property.

The fourth amendment of the constitution states clearly;

Amendment IV

The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.
This amendment has protected our privacy since it was first included in the constitution and it has been sufficient for law enforcement in the past to gain access to property with the due process of a search warrant. I won't begin to count the number of perpetrators who have been brought to justice using a search warrant and I don't think anyone can.

There is no doubt in my mind that in this case the FBI went directly to a judge for a search warrant soon after this heinous crime occurred and with good reason. I am sure it didn't take much time for the judge to issue a warrant for the perpetrators home, car, office, phone records, etc...

No one can argue that these things need to be searched in order to obtain clues for the investigation. Perhaps the suspects were in communication with terrorist organizations such as ISIS, HAMAS, Al Qaeda, Al-ge-bra :), etc...

I can't tell you what the telephone carrier was that controlled this particular cell phone but I can tell you that "ALL" communication through any public network is stored indefinitely. At the very least it is stored on a temporary basis. This was one of the things that Edward Snowden leaked to the public. Like it or not, all communications over a public network are logged and stored on a server. The NSA has access to these records and the FBI can gain access to those records.

The FBI doesn't even need a search warrant because they have the information already stored on a server. They don't need to search a particular telephone to find out who a suspect was communicating with. All they need to do is analyze the phone records and I can assure you that this has already been done. The FBI already knows who the suspect was communicating with and when.

I have to admit that own an I-Phone and I love the phone. Apple created a good product and I will probably never buy another type of phone again. But the brand of phone is really not important. I owned another phone before I bought the I-phone. It was an android system and to be honest, I loved that phone as well. I can't tell you specifically why I prefer the I-phone over an Android phone but that is irrelevant.

Now I want to tell you about the data that can be stored on "ANY" modern smart phone. The new generation of smart phones can store photos, music, documents, browser history, emails, etc... Are these things important during an investigation? Of course they are.

Let's analyze each one of things and try to determine the significance of that information as it would pertain to an investigation. The first thing is photos. As a smart phone user I tend to take a lot of photos with my I-phone even though I have multiple DSLR Cameras. It is a matter of convenience. I love the camera feature of the phone and I have even produced videos on my YouTube channel using my telephone.

Does the FBI need access to a photo on this particular phone? What good will it do in an investigation? Did the perpetrator take photos of the location of this terrorist attack? Probably, but why does the FBI need that photo. They already know that location. Do they need access to selfies, landscapes, up-skirts, etc... I don't think any of those type of photos are relevant to this investigation. They certainly don't warrant forcing apple to create a backdoor into all Apple devices. Yes I said all Apple devices. Aside from some minor differences, the same IOS runs on the I-Pad and other Apple products.

Perhaps a photo was taken with the suspect standing next to Bin-Laden himself. While I agree that type of photo would be significant in an investigation, I don't think the mere photo would be sufficient evidence that would result in a valid search warrant.

Even if Bin-Laden and the suspect were secretly kissing in a photo, while it would make for a great tabloid cover, it would probably not be sufficient evidence for a warrant. Not to mention, if there is a relationship it would have been revealed through phone records. I think we can rule out any need to create a backdoor into all Apple devices for those types of photos.

What about the up-skirt photos I mentioned? Sorry, I honestly don't think they would be enough to justify creating a master key into all Apple devices . Government employees might be bored and want to see up someone's skirt but it is not relevant and certainly does not warrant this type of access into millions of devices worldwide.

Let's talk about documents. What kind of documents does the FBI think are stored on this particular telephone that would warrant such an invasion of privacy for millions of I-phone and IPad users? To answer this question, I want to explain how to put a document on an I-phone. The first way is to create a document. I can do it on my phone. I can write in a note, "I plan to do.... on Fryday, September 38, 2939".

To be honest with you, it is cumbersome to create documents on a smart phone.  I can't speak for everyone but I create my documents on my computer. This blog was written from a computer. I could write it from my phone and even publish it here but it is inefficient at best and auto-correct causes more problems than it fixes.

I believe the chances that this particular suspect wrote specific information that is pertinent to this investigation directly on the phone are very slim. It is definitely not enough to warrant hacking into every apple device to see an auto-correct failure.

I think we can rule out that there is a document on the telephone that was created on the phone itself. At least one that is relevant to the investigation. Any other documents, i.e. documents transferred to the phone via email etc... can be retrieved from the telephone network/NSA. Again, I think this does not justify an unconstitutional invasion of privacy for all Apple product users.

Do I really need to talk about videos and music. I think I have said enough about the subject. All I can say is that I am glad Apple has had the courage to stand up for the rights of it's users and I am sorry to hear Bill Gates has sided with "Big Brother" on this. I actually thought he was intelligent.

In closing I will quote Benjamin Franklin
He who would trade liberty for some temporary security, deserves neither liberty nor security,
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Thursday, February 18, 2016

Who Is Bryguy1955? A Journey through time.

Today, I am embarking on a journey. It is a journey that I will hope end with the answer to a question that I have had throughout my life. It is a question that is not only weighing on my mind but it is weighing on other people's minds as well.

The question "Who Is Bryguy1955?" It is a simple question and should have a simple answer, or so you would think. In my case it isn't quite that simple. To answer the question for everyone else who is wondering is very easy for me to answer but for me...  I'll get into that a bit later.

For now, I will tell you a little about myself. My name is Bryan Lass. I am a computer programmer, blogger, author(sort of... I have one book on Amazon but I'm working on a novel as well) and a photographer from time to time. In fact I am a lot of things. I am a Husband, Father, Son, Brother, Uncle, etc... I have a lot of hobbies as well but I won't bore you with a long list but I am all over the internet. You can  Click Here to view some of my photos

You can also find me on twitter @whoisbryguy1955, @privetanna, @bryguy1955 and @aviatoroflove. I am also on YouTube and you will find links to my channel on the blog.

You may also enjoy(or not) searching Google for "Design by Bryan Lass". There you will find a number of web templates that were designed by me in use on thousands of websites.

Back to the subject at hand, I was born in Illinois in the early 70's to my parents Pat and Kathy. There I spent the first 6 or 7 years of my life (give or take) before my parents decided to move the family to Idaho. I can't remember exactly how old I was but I do know is that we had grown to a family of 8 at the time. To top it off, my mother was pregnant at the time. In fact one of my younger sisters was born in a rest stop during our journey across the United States.

We traveled across the country in a full size King Cab Dodge pickup truck(similar to the one pictured above) pulling a 24 foot trailer that was to be our home for a for a while. I don't remember much more of the move to Idaho because I was very young at the time. I think we lost a wheel on the truck during the trip and there was a time when the trailer came disconnected from the truck at as well.

After moving to Idaho, we lived in Boise for a year or two before my father bought some land in Garden Valley. After purchasing the lane, we loaded the truck(now nicknamed "Old Reliable" or as my father called it "The Caleb Express") and trailer and we moved to the mountains. We lived in the trailer while my father began to build the house of his dreams.

Garden Valley was a great place to grow up. I made good friends that have lasted a lifetime and I have a great respect for the outdoors because of it. I spent much of my childhood hiking in the mountains, fishing and hunting in the Great Outdoors.

I attended elementary and junior high(now called middle school) at the Garden Valley School and The Middle Fork Christian School. During my high school years, my parents chose to home school the children (All 9 of us: 4 boys and 5 girls). Thus, I graduated from The American School(the home school curriculum my parents chose) in the late 80's.

After graduating high school, I chose to work construction for a while before I decided to join the United States Navy.

I spent 4 years in the Navy as a GMM(Gunners Mate Missile) the majority of which was on board the USS Paul F. Foster DD-964; A Spruance Class Destroyer. Yes, I sailed across the world and visited various locations throughout the world including; Hong Kong, Thailand, Bahrain, Kuwait, Guam, etc... I had a good time and made many lifelong friends.

After 4 years, I was honorably discharged from the Navy in February of 1994 and I have spent the remaining portion of my life in Idaho. I love it here and I don't plan on leaving any time soon.

That is enough about me. I want to return to the question. Who is Bryguy1955? Simple question, right? I answered it for you but I still ask the same question. Who is Bryan Lass? Where did he come from?

These are questions I want to know myself. For all my life I have been wondering about my ancestral history but I haven't learned much. I have heard that my mother is from Irish descent and my father is from German descent. On my mother's side of the family we have a lot of information and I have a good knowledge of her side but my father's side is a bit trickier.

I have been told all of my life that my great-great grandfather fled Germany during the rise of Hitler. After coming to the United States, he changed his last name from ____________...??? to Lass. I have been told the last name was pronounced 'von-schleeter' or something similar but I never learned the spelling of the name. I am not even sure if changed his first name also.

Needless to say, I cannot find any information beyond two generations on my father's side of the family.

To make a long story short(or this short story just a little longer), I am starting a journey to search for the answer to the question "Who is Bryan Lass?". I will document my discoveries that I make along the way. I will probably even create YouTube and Periscope(yes, I'm on periscope also) videos during the investigation. Make sure you follow me everywhere; Facebook, Twitter, Periscope, YouTube, Google+, etc... I will be posting updates in the most convenient network at a given time so you never know which one will have the latest updates.

I will also publish my discoveries here from time to time as well.
You can learn more about my family here also.

Thanks for reading. #WhoIsBryguy1955