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Saturday, January 30, 2016

Who Owns The Earth?

Today I wanted to bring up a topic that has been weighing on my mind for a while. With the whole situation in #Oregon involving a dispute over how much land the government needs to control and how much land should belong to the people, I need to give you my perspective.

There is already too much coverage of the situation already so I won't go into much detail about the situation in Oregon. I am sure if you haven't heard about it, you can read about it somewhere else. All I can say about the situation is that it is a tragedy and it should not have happened.

Enough said about that.

I want to start by asking the following question; "Who owns the ground you are standing on(Earth)?". I think it is a good question and may be relevant to the current situation in Oregon.

It seems to me that if I want to build a house, I need to buy land to put it on from someone. Who do I buy the land from? Of course, I buy it from the land owner. Who else would I buy it from?

Now I would like to pose the question, "Where did they obtain the land?".  The answer is, they purchased the land from someone who bought the land from someone else who bought the land from someone else, etc... I hope you can see where I am going with on this.

I can't tell you exactly when it happened the first time, but I can tell you that before #America was even a simple thought in someone's mind, the land was owned by the people(Native Americans at the time). I am not a history buff but as far as I know they shared the land with each other for a very long time. Of course there were territorial disputes from time to time but most of the time they lived in peace and harmony with each other and the planet they lived on.

I know this will probably bring up a lot of controversy but it is true. A Great War was fought with the "Native Americans" to take the land that they had shared for centuries. I don't think anyone can deny that. In essence "We The People" stole the land from the natives and declared it our own. Yes, I will say it again our government, aka "We The People" stole the land and declared ownership.

I personally believe that it is the right of every human being on the planet to own the ground they need to survive on. Some people need more land than others, for example; #Ranchers need open range for their livestock to live on. #Farmers also need lots of land to grow their crops. If they don't get enough land to keep up with our consumption, people will starve. That is #TheTruth.

Unfortunately, because the land is sold to individuals, people with a lot of money have an advantage that most of us don't have. They tend to buy up more than they need so that they control more land and more importantly make a profit.

They also tend to buy up all the prime real estate. To be honest, I don't really see much problem with that in particular. If you can afford land with a good view, go for it. I won't stand in anyone's way of the home of their dreams.

What I do have a problem with is individuals that have access to vast amount of resources buying up all the land from "Our Government" and reselling it back to the general population at a highly inflated rate.

Yes I said they bought the land from our federal government ("We the people") and are reselling the property back to us. It has been happening for a very long time. I can't tell you how long but it was going on before I was born.

On the other side of the spectrum we find people who cannot even afford to buy land. They can only afford to rent a small apartment to reside in. Some people can't even afford that. We have many people who are homeless that could probably do much better if they had property that they could settle on and build a home.

And then of course there is our government. It wants to control all other land and lease it at a huge cost to those ranchers and farmers to grow their crops on. Or if you have very deep pockets, I'm sure you can purchase some prime government land for yourself. Maybe you could even split it and sell it to someone else to make subdivisions of your land. Thus, the situation in #Oregon.

In my opinion, I think this system is not ideal and I believe it should be changed. I think that every man, woman and child needs a place where they can call home. A piece of land that no one else can touch. There is a catch however, I think they should only be entitled to the land that they need. Nothing more. All other land should be owned and maintained by #WeThePeople(the government).

Ranchers should lease the land necessary from the government(#WeThePeople) that they require raise their livestock without intervention. This land should not be used for any other purpose and should not be owned by any particular person or organization.

I propose the same for Farmers. They should lease the land they require from the government without hassle or intervention unless the land is being used for other purposes.

Also, in my opinion, I think that no one should ever be able to own land around national treasures such as rivers, lakes, oceans and other attractions. No particular individual or organization should be entitled to purchase land that will restrict access and prevent the general population from enjoying those pleasures. They should be maintained and protected by the government so that future generations will enjoy them as well. The maintenance costs for this should be offset by fees collected when people visit the attractions.

For now, that is all I can say about it. #LikeItOrNot, it is only my opinion and as far as I know we still live in #America where I am still entitled to an opinion.

I want to leave you now with this question; "If land was neither bought or sold, would there still be #PropertyTax?

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