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Saturday, December 31, 2016

The last photo on victim's phone may reveal ...

Detectives in Maryland discovered a photo taken of an alleged murderer by the victim as the killer closed the lid of the trunk. It was discovered on the victim's I-Phone.

Not really, it is just a photo of me early in the morning as I arrive at work but you gotta admit it was a catchy headline.

#FakeNews :)

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Friday, December 30, 2016

How the earth was made-The birth, life and death of a planet.

Today, I want to talk about how the earth was made including its creation, life span and how it will all end for life as we know it.

If you have not done so yet, you may want to read my previous articles including “What is the sun?”, “A new twist on Gravity” and “The Great space mining operation”. I will be developing on concepts I presented there.

As I stated in my previous articles, the sun is a tiny particle passing through the multi-dimensional fabric of space which consists of random atoms and particles loosely bound together, magnetically attracted to each other. As the particle passes through  “outer space”, it splits it apart causing the atoms to split and fuse together in the space surrounding it. When we look up at the sun, we only see these nuclear reactions occurring in the space surrounding the particle. It is occurring hundreds of millions of billions of trillions of times squared to the power of 32 (just a wild guess). It gives the appearance that the sun is a large mass cutting through space but in truth it is only the “outer space” surrounding this particle that is reacting to the particle passing through it.

As these reactions occur in the space around this particle we call the sun, some atoms fuse together to create the elements that make up you and me and all other forms of matter.  These new elements are cast into the gravitational vortex of the sun created by the space surrounding the vacuum pressing inward in an effort to come back together with the atoms they once neighbored. This force is the force commonly referred to as gravity.

As this newly formed particle bounces between the invisible walls of “outer space” within the vacuum and swirls around the gravitational vortex, other particles bind to it causing it to grow over time. This is how a planet is formed. 

Over a long period of time, possibly millions of years, this particle collects more elements to it including carbon, oxygen, hydrogen, helium, etc. It continues to grow into a large mass becoming what we can see to be a planet emerging within our galaxy.

Unfortunately, this newly created planet is incapable of sustaining life due to the extreme temperatures radiating from the sun. But the good news is that this is only a temporary environment. It changes as this planet falls back within the gravitational vortex of the sun a.k.a. our galaxy.

Millions of years later, this new planet will be within a proximity of the sun that will allow an atmosphere to be formed around it allowing newly discovered hydrogen atoms to bind with the new oxygen atoms to form water. This water then falls to the ground onto the fertile soil of the new planet. 

Once this water soaks into the ground, new life begins to form as the radiation of the sun passes through it creating life. In essence, matter is nothing more than these elements binding together and projecting itself into space/time and held into place by gravity. As the sun’s radiation passes through these projections, it excites the atomic particles and generates an electromagnetic force within the form causing it to spring to life.

Once this life is created, it then takes various elements from within the environment and uses them to sustain itself. It consumes elements and converts them into new elements. Some take oxygen and convert it into carbon dioxide, while other life forms convert the carbon dioxide (CO2) back to oxygen. I won’t go deep into explaining how this works. There are already many articles on this subject are already available at the library and/or online.

Instead, I want to continue on with the lifespan of a planet. When I am referring to the lifespan of a planet, I am actually referring to the period of time the planet is capable of sustaining life because the planet will be here long after it is capable of sustaining life as we know it. It will be similar to our neighboring dead planet we call Mars.

As time passes this planet tends to lose its place in the galaxy as it falls back in the gravitational vortex, thus adding distance between it and the sun. Temperatures begin to fall and certain elements that were once abundant, bind together closer to the sun and are deposited onto the newer planet between ours and the sun. One day all of the hydrogen and oxygen atoms will bind together over Venus. The water will then fall onto its new fertile ground causing various life forms to grow out of the soil and life will begin just as it had on planet Earth, Mars, Jupiter, etc. At the same time, Earth will become unbearably cold and freeze over just as its predecessors did millions of years before it was big enough to be seen from a telescope on a distant planet.

One day, someone will look through a telescope and see a new object between our planet and the sun. This object will grow and will become what we know today to be a planet. Within a few million years, when our planet is no longer inhabitable by life, Venus will be the planet capable of sustaining that same life and even perhaps new life forms we have never seen before.

So this brings up the question “What happens to us when this occurs?” The answer is simple; we will migrate to a warmer climate until there is nowhere else on this planet for us to go. Then when it gets too cold on the entire planet there will be an ice age like never before seen. The end result will be that humans will either cease to exist or find a way to migrate to Venus and inhabit the new planet until it too becomes a hostile environment for our species.

That is about all I have to say on the subject. Please feel free to comment below.

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Monday, December 19, 2016

Results seem to defy Physics during a simple experiment with ice

This is a continuation of my previous experiment in the video here

If you haven't watched it yet, you may want to watch it so you can get an idea of what I am comparing my results to.

Saturday, I weighed a bottle I filled with water. It weighed precisely 3 pounds.

After I froze it, I weighed the bottle again and the scale indicated it gained 1 tenth of an ounce. Today after it had a chance to thaw, though not completely, I weighed it again and it was back down to 3 pounds exactly.

Given the results I am finding, it appears that water takes on additional weight while frozen.

I hope to continue repeating this experiment and begin to document my findings.

Sunday, December 18, 2016

How to install a new chandelier "The Easy Way (TM)"

In this video, my wife and I demonstrate how we installed a new chandelier "The Easy Way (TM)".

I hope you find the video helpful and entertaining.

An experiment with ice has a surprising result.

This weekend I decided to conduct an experiment to test a theory of mine.

In this experiment I weighed a bottle filled with water and froze the same bottle of water overnight.

I was looking for a change in weight. The results were rather surprising.

Check out the video below.

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Jack the Ripper Found in Idaho?

Yesterday on my way home from work I found myself behind a red car with a custom license plate that read "JTR".

You may not be able to read it in the video but I was able to read it clearly and it read "JTR".

I didn't think about it at the time or I would have zoomed in closer with my other camera but I didn't even notice the license plate until it was too late.

I couldn't help but think to myself who would put those initials on a highly visible license plate knowing that those are the same initials as a famous serial killer, "Jack The Ripper".

Perhaps it is the famous serial killer himself.

Or Not...

Check out the video and leave a comment below.
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Thursday, December 8, 2016

The great space mining operation.

If you haven’t done it yet, please read my previous articles “What holds us to the ground” and “What creates life”. I will be continuing to develop the ideas presented there.

As I stated earlier, I believe the sun is a particle breaking through the multi-dimensional fabric of space. As it passes through space, it creates a crushing force outward causing trillions of nuclear reactions in the space surrounding it as well as creating the force we refer to as “gravity”. 

Gravity occurs when the space surrounding a particle or mass is compressed and displaced causing a magnetic attraction to the space it was separated from.

These nuclear reactions result in the creation of the elements that we know to make up matter. As these elements are created they are assembled into matter and grouped together by atomic weight. As a heavy element is created, it immediately begins to gather the lighter elements around it forming what we know to be a planet.

This newly created planet is then cast out behind the sun and begins an orbit within the gravitational vortex of our sun and held in place by the gravity of space surrounding the vortex. This gravitational vortex is a vacuum that is created as the sun travels through space. This vacuum should not be confused with “outer space” which is a common misconception of a significant portion of the scientific community.

Remember, “outer space” is a multi-dimensional energy field that contains all of the elements that lay dormant until a particle passes through it causing it to split, releasing this energy and resulting in light and immense heat. The space surrounding this particle compresses and causes these new elements to bind together with other elements and creating matter.

After it is assembled, this matter is thrown into the sun’s gravitational vortex and begins to combine with the other matter within the vortex causing planets to emerge within the vacuum of the vortex. These tiny planets gain mass from the matter that continues to be deposited on its surface from the sun.

Over time, these planets slowly move away from the sun due to the weakening force of the gravitational vortex and the increased weight of the mass. As the newly created planet gains mass, it also creates its own gravitational vortex within space. Although it is much weaker due to the vacuum it exists within and its smaller size in comparison to the sun. This is the gravitational vortex that keeps our moon in orbit of our own planet.

As I said in a previous article, this gravitational vortex creates a force that twist or grinds matter. This action causes all matter to grind to dust over a period of time and eventually all matter is separated to the basic elements that form it from this grinding force.

The heavier elements like gold, lead, mercury and uranium gather together and settle deep below the planet’s surface as the lighter elements settle on top of the heavier elements and form the earth’s crust and our atmosphere.

As the force of the gravitational vortex weakens, this new planet begins to fall back in the vortex increasing the distance between it and the sun. This allows the planet to cool enough and enable it to sustain life. It allows hydrogen to bind with oxygen to create water. This water created in our atmosphere is cast to the ground in the form of rain. It also allows some of these elements to combine into a protective atmosphere that cannot exist if a planet is either too near or too far from the sun.

When the new planet is within a safe zone of the sun, elements such as carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, and others combine to create organic life forms and project them into space.

The radiation of the sun then stimulates these molecular structures by producing an electromagnetic field within the matter causing it to spring into life.

Now that I have described how the planet came into existence and how life is created, I want to tell you why I think this particle that we know to be the sun was sent into outer space to begin with.

I believe this particle along with the other particles we can see in the night sky, were sent into our universe to accomplish one goal. That goal was to harvest or mine the elements within it. The entity that sent this particle on its journey did it with the intention of gathering those elements from outer space and collecting them after they reach the boundaries of our universe. You can call this entity God if you so desire or you can call it an alien race or being.

Imagine the sun as a drill bit drilling through outer space searching for these core elements and gathering them into manageable packages just like miners do as they dig for gold or silver. They tunnel through the earth to find these minerals, place them on a cart and transfer them to the surface so they can be used.

Instead of using a cart to transfer the elements to the surface for use, this entity/creator uses planets. One day in the future this planet will be collected and used for its intended purpose.

Similar to how we put a slice of bread into a toaster and wait a period of time for it to be ready, the entity that sent the sun through the universe waits for the next planet to be ready for harvest. There are already numerous planets that are nearly ready to be harvested long before earth will be ready.

Just as our slice of toast pops out of the toaster when it is ready, Pluto will be ready for harvest and pop out of the known universe into the domain of its creator ready for use, as will the other planets including our own over time.

Don’t worry though; we will not exist on this planet by the time it is harvested. We will have ceased to exist on this planet long before it is ready for harvest due to the distance from the sun. By that time earth will not have an environment capable of sustaining life. It will be nothing more than a rock made up of all the elements it collected on its journey from creation to its end.

We will probably exist on a planet closer to the sun at that time. One that is within the proximity earth is from the sun now.

That is about all I have to say on the subject.

Please feel free to comment below.

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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

What creates life and what holds us to the ground – Part 2

This article is a continuation of the article titled "What holds us to the ground". If you haven't done so yet please feel free to read it before continuing as I will be building on the information I provide in that article.

As I said in the prior article the sun is nothing more than a particle passing through the multidimensional magnetic energy field of outer space causing innumerable nuclear reactions within the space surrounding it. "Outer space” is a template for all known and unknown elements. It contains all the ingredients that make up all matter throughout the universe. All it needs to be is split apart, separated and reassembled. 

As the particle we call our sun passes through outer space it creates the various elements that lay dormant within the fabric of space. It does this by a nuclear process we call fission. Splitting an atom in space results in the creation of an element.

Once these elements are created, they assemble together within space to make up matter and the assembled atoms/molecules are held in place by gravity which is the compressed or magnetized space surrounding the matter. In essence matter is nothing more than a molecular arrangement projected into space and held together by the gravity of the space surrounding it.

After an element is created, it begins to bind with the other elements surrounding it and other elements bind to it. They accumulate to form what we know as “Earth”. In fact the earth and other planets could be described as space mining collection sites. Elements are created, collected, grouped by atomic weight and deposited to the ground beneath our feet.

This in itself is not enough to create life, however. Life requires specific elements to exist. Atoms of hydrogen need to bind together with oxygen atoms to create water which is a necessary component for life. Life also requires heat and light. Lucky for us, this heat and light is created from this particle called the sun traveling through space causing these millions of billions of trillions of … of nuclear reactions.

Even with all of that going on as the sun passes through space; it is still not enough for life as we know it to exist. Life requires one more thing to get started, so to speak.

Once this chemically bound molecular arrangement is projected into space, it is then “energized” by the radiation coming from the sun. That is the final ingredient needed to create life as we know it. 

Yes, we need the sun’s radiation to survive and without it, life would not exist. In essence the radiation coming from the sun ignites the molecular projections causing them to come alive.

Now you may ask, “What about the other planets in our solar system?” and “If earth was formed from the elements created by the sun, what created the other planets?” The answer to those questions is very simple.  They were all created the very same way. 

I will even take it a bit further by saying that life existed on Mars similar to how it exists on Earth as it once did on the other planets following us through the gravitational vortex we call our solar system.

“Hold on there, you’re trying to tell me life existed on the other planets in our solar system?” Yes, that is exactly what I’m trying to say. Life existed on Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, as well as any other planet that may have broken free from the gravitational vortex of the sun.

Within a gravitational vortex, the force weakens over time and distance. All objects or matter slowly falls back away from the sun. At one point in time, Pluto was the same distance from the sun as the earth is today and one day the Earth will be as far from the sun as Pluto is today. Not too long ago, Mars was within the same proximity to the sun as we are now.

The location of our planet within our solar system is very important because it is the correct temperature and the elements we need to survive are abundant in this location. If we go back in the solar system, we will find temperatures too cold to sustain life. Inversely, if we go forward in the solar system, we find the temperatures are too hot for life to exist.  In fact hydrogen atoms break free from oxygen atoms at those extreme high temperatures so water cannot exist in that environment.

While matter can and does exist everywhere throughout the universe, life can’t exist without the correct environment.

One day in the future, the force that holds our planet within the gravitational vortex of the sun will loosen and we will slowly fall back in the solar system. This will cause extreme temperatures that will make it incompatible to sustain life.

Around the same time Venus will enter the sweet spot of our galaxy and life as we know it can be formed again on the new earth energized by the same radiation that we benefit from on this rock we call home.

I don’t know how long the earth will stay within the correct proximity of the sun and continue to be an environment capable of sustaining life. Perhaps a million years or more will pass before it becomes uninhabitable but it is an unfortunate reality and humans may find it necessary to migrate to the new planet when it becomes life friendly. 

A mass migration will not be necessary though because life will sprout from the new fertile ground on Venus, just as it did on Earth. Various life forms, including life forms similar if not identical to us will share a new world for perhaps 10,000,000 years or longer. At least until Venus falls out of the correct proximity to the sun. But don’t worry; by that time Mercury will be the planet to sprout new life and there will probably be another planet between our planet and the sun.

That is about all I have to say on the subject today.

Feel free to comment below.

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Saturday, December 3, 2016

What holds us to the ground?

If you haven't done it yet, you may want to read my articles titled "A New Twist on Gravity" and "What is Gravity" as I will be building on the information I provided there.

Today I am going to answer the question "What really is this force we call gravity" and what actually holds us to the ground.

Einstein theorized that gravity was the bending of space around an object. This is probably the most widely accepted theory today.

I don't want you to get me wrong, I have complete respect for Einstein and I would never attempt to compare myself to him, but I believe his theory is not completely accurate. Before you angry Einstein fans decide to stop reading and go somewhere else, let me explain.

I'll start by saying gravity is actually made up of 2 forces, not just 1.

One of those forces I discussed in my article A New Twist on Gravity. It is what I referred to as the "gravitational vortex" generated by an object passing though space. It is a twisting or grinding force. Eventually this grinding force of gravity grinds everything to dust. It even grinds stone over time.

The other force is what Einstein considered to be the bending of space. As I stated earlier, I believe this is not a completely accurate description.

Space doesn't really bend around an object or particle, it compresses and splits apart as the object passes through it. Similar to a spring that applies pressure when compressed, space compresses around an object passing through it. This force is the same force we refer to as a magnetic force.

Let me be clear, when I am talking about space, I am referring to real outer space, not the space/atmosphere directly surrounding our planet,

What we consider to be space around us is not the same as "outer space". To be honest, I believe that mankind has never truly been to the real "outer space" I'm referring to.

That would require us to travel beyond the gravitational vortex of our solar system and as I wrote in a previous article, I don't think it is possible at this time with our current space technology. I could be wrong though. There's a first time for everything. :)

We only experience the disrupted space of the gravitational vortex created by the sun traveling before us and the other planets we follow through our journey around the universe.

True outer space is a magnetic field of inert or potential energy. As a particle, in our case "the sun" passes through outer space, it must first split it apart. This splitting of space causes a nuclear reaction called "fission" to occur. I write more about this process in my previous article here.

Once this split occurs, it creates light and extreme heat. The displaced subatomic particles expand outward with a force that literally crushes the surrounding atoms in the space surrounding them. This crushing force creates a shock wave that can be measured on the opposite side of the universe.

It fuses some surrounding atoms together while it splits others apart. This force creates the very elements that allow life to exist. Depending on how each atom is split, a different atomic element would be the result. In essence, outer space is a template for everything. Similar to a box of chocolates, you never know what element will result from splitting an atom in outer space.

Gold, silver, copper, lead, carbon, etc... are all elements that result from this reaction. In fact every element we have ever discovered was created this way. As these elements are created they are deposited on the ground beneath our feet and over time, grouped by atomic weight.

They are ground together by the force of gravity and separated by the atomic weight. The heavier elements are buried deep beneath our feet while the lighter elements float above us in our atmosphere.

Imagine this occurring millions of billions of trillions of ... times in the space surrounding the particle we call the sun. Once a heavier element is created, the lighter elements begin to settle above it. Sometimes even a new planet begins to build around it.

Along with creating heat and light, the particle splits the magnetic force binding space together. This causes an equal and opposite reaction that pushes back against the particle or object passing through it. This is what holds our entire atmosphere together. It also creates pressure from above and pushes everything to the ground.

This same force occurs when you break a magnet in 2 pieces.  If the 2 pieces are aligned in the correct direction they are drawn together, applying pressure to the space or object between them. This is the true force that we call gravity and it is also the end of this article.

As I said before, I am no expert. I am just a free thinker and these are just some of my random thoughts. Take em or leave em.

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A busy night in Caldwell for law enforcement and paramedics

Last night in Caldwell I drove up on what appeared to be an accident scene.

The Local Fire Department was on the scene with at least 4 police officers.

Paramedics were also on scene.

There didn't appear to be any visible debris at the scene so it is not clear what the incident was.

I came across numerous other law enforcement/emergency vehicles on the trip as well. #WhoIsBryguy1955 #Shield5 #HelloAnna #TheNeverEndingLetter #KBOI