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About Bryguy1955

Blogger, You Tuber, Astrophysicist and Philosopher.  #WhoIsBryguy1955 #HelloAnna #Shield5
The world is not ready for me yet...

I am the Co-Author of the popular blog/novel "Hello Anna! A True Love Story From Russia" and the author of "The Never Ending Letter" available on Amazon.

This is just a blog that I hope you will find amusing at times and very thought provoking.

If you would like to learn more about me, please visit my other blog at, follow me on twitter at and like my page on Facebook at

I hope you enjoy my blog.

Thank you,

#Bryguy1955 #WhoIsBryguy1955 #HelloAnna #TheNeverEndingLetter #Shield5 #ShieldFive

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